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Saturday, March 29, 2014

All Traditional Work is Done for Trapped (GXB)

Trapped GXB Visual Novel
About a month ago, I said that I was redrawing the  scenes for my visual novel.  Well, I have not only done that but I have also redrawn the special scenes that are only available according to the romantic choice the reader chooses.  I was going to draw a scene for the bad ending but decided not to.  Making the bad ending seem plain, might encourage the reader to get the other endings.  
Some Rough Sketches

work 004                
            work 005                    
The story and sprites are done.  
Ashes BXB Visual Novel 
Also.....I have been writing a rough draft for a BXB Science Fantasy visual novel.  Call this a case of ADD but writing is easier to do than drawing when I am on the go.  The visual novel will have four pairings and take place on a fictional planet.  I will post artwork for this visual novel when I am done with Trapped and am finished with Ashes' worldbuilding and rough draft; as well as some serious anatomy practicing. 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Lot's of Work but Barely any Updating?

Hello guys.  I haven't updated in nearly a month.  Pretty bad BUT I have been doing work of Trapped.  As I have said in the last post, all the sprites are done.  I am redoing the scenery work as I am unhappy with how the previous scenery drawings looked.  
With my current understanding of shapes, digital coloring, and working in general, I feel that redoing the scenery work will not take a long time.   I'm also drawing from references so that really does help my progress.
For the future of this blog, I will post weekly updates on to where I am on Trapped.
1. All 7 sprites are done.
2. All previous line arts of scenery has been determined useless and 8 pencil sketches of backgrounds are being worked on.
3. The story and writing has been proof read and 95% finished.
4. Five special scenes need to be redrawn and inked.  

Monday, February 3, 2014

Last Sprite is Finished

I finally finish my very last sprite.  It took almost a year to finish these sprites.  Out of lack of knowledge of digital coloring, procrastination, and doubting myself.  

Thanks to National Novel Writing Month, I have a better since of time and setting a schedule for myself.  I feel a sense of relief but I can't relax completely at the moment.  Now to get to the scenery.  
The good news is that most of the scenery is outlined in Manga Studio at least.  

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday, January 20, 2014

Last Possible Sprite

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I'm on the last sprite.  Hopefully, the last one.  This character is not that emotional so he only has another emotion sprite for me to draw.  On to the coloring.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Next to Last Sprite

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The next to last sprite is done.  
MerBryan sprite

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Doing Things Differently in 2014

The Year 2014

It is finally 2014 and I hope that everyone had a happy New Year.  As with all new years, most people decide to set a few goals or one goal for themselves.  One of my goals is getting two visual novels done this year.  Trapped IS almost finished.

Doing Things Differently

 I am going to start working on my visual novel with a friend who is also working on visual novels.  This someone has already made two visual novels and is in the process of making another visual novel.  Working with someone who already knows what they are doing is highly encouraging.  There are less chances of me making mistakes with my sprites and an even bigger chance of finishing my visual novel within two months.  
Through working at various staffing agencies last year, I came up with the idea to download a WordPress plugin that tracks time.  There are various time tracking plugins for WordPress in the plugin database.  I have already deleted one plugin that did not work for me and I just downloaded a new time tracking plugin a few minutes ago.  When I find the right one, I will mention what it is.  The purpose of setting a desired amount of hours I should devote my time to for a week, is to get me working more on my visual novel.
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