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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Reading Books is Helpful

I've always been told that reading a variety of books is a nice way to gain a lot of knowledge.  A few months back, I decided to review a about Jennifer Hudson on my vlog channel. The book helped me have a better understanding of writing in first-person.  I have been writing in first-person a lot lately when writing scripts for visual novels.  Generally, one of the most helpful tips for writing is to read a variety of books.  I hardly read non Fantasy books so Jennifer Hudson's book was a nice change for me. 

For my BXB visual novel, the setting is on Mars.  Searching on various NASA websites, and message boards for space fanatics is not enough.  The Case for Mars: The Plan to Settle the Red Planet and Why We Must book was a book I was reading for quite a while now.  Being able to read through a thick book on a seven hour flight, while not having access to the internet, was helpful.

Why All the Research?
I have been doing some worldbuilding for two stories that I am writing while finishing up the artwork for Captured.  One of the worldbuilding websites I am using is 30 Days of Worldbuilding and the other is Fantasy Worldbuilding Questions.   Worlduilding has helpped keep my mind together while I write the first drafts for these stories   I am not a person who can wing a story on the first try and I need to do a few outlines before starting the rough drafts.  If anyone wants to write something not centered in the real world, then giving both sites is worth a look. 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Enjoying the Single Life

After ECPI University...

I tried to join a few starting video game companies.  For a while, I blogged about my time with my first video game company.  This company had a name already registered, a few people willing to join, and a few marketing deals with a few other companies.  Unfortunately, people within the company lost interest and fell off the face of the Earth, the lesser skilled people did not want to put the time in to better themselves, and then left the company and I was still in Sam's Club getting annoyed with the lack of dedication from others.  

I finished my work within a week, while others were ready to talk about the mmorpg they finished playing and not the 3D work they were supposed to finish weeks ago. 
My other game company....was in the same boat as the previous video game company but this company had dedicated people willing to work for free before the company took off.  Believe it or not, I actually used this website to convince the manager to "hire" me on his team for character concept work.  He had me do landscape concept work instead. Unsurprisingly, he found my landscape artwork to be unimpressive and would wonder why I was so bad at drawing landscapes.   Eventually, I ended up leaving the company. 

I Was Angry...

There was a few times when I could have joined some companies that were starting but could pay me immediately.  The first company I mentioned had a good way of talking me into not joining any other company because, one day, the company would grow and have a lot of benefits for me in the future.  Well first company sunk due to the manager becoming broke and I have no idea what's going on with the previous companies I mentioned.  

I'm Fine With Just Getting Help With Music and Beta Reading... 

As of right now, for writing, drawing, advertising, and programming, I have me, myself, and I to that work.  I have two people for music and two offline people for beta reading/playing.  I think I like this team and I wouldn't ask for more.   I just wanted to reflect on some bad choices that I have gone through in the past.  I often slowed down my work on my visual novel and writing in order to help out with the other game companies.  Well, not anymore and, this year, I hope to finish my first visual novel. 

Monday, April 6, 2015

New Image to Work On

Bryan and Amenti drowning 1

This is a traditional version of my next image that I am going to be working on right now.  I'm debating on recording this one or not.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Facebook Page Activity


So one day I logged on to my Facebook account and received a notification that my Dark Siren Games page got 104 page views.  I barely visit that page so that alert caught me by surprise.  I would like to contribute more often to that page but I'm not sure what to post. 

What I currently post is work in progress drawings, finished drawings, and links to recent YouTube videos.  If you do like my Facebook page, then please tell me what you like about the page or what I can do to improve the page?

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tired of Deviantart and I Post on Tumblr More Often

Tired of Posting on Deviantart 
I feel like Deviant art is a place for finished work.  I do appreciate the groups that allow for specific artwork (such as the many English visual novels or art critique groups).  Without those groups, I feel that my artwork will just get a favorite and nothing else.  For those that do like following my artwork, please look at my Tumblr page.   

On my Tumblr page, I can post videos, mini blogs, artwork, and updates of my artwork.  I know Deviantart has the option for me to post revisions of my work, but I love posting daily updates of my work on Tumblr.  If I did the same thing on my Deviantart page, then that would come off as spamming.  

I guess I will be using Deviantart just to talk to fellow artists as I do not know many non artists who visit Deviantart in the first place.  For those that love my Tumblr page, please look at my YouTube page.  I have videos showing my speed painting. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Working on My Next Special Scene

Bryan holding Amenti scene2
Of course this is being recorded and is going to be on my Youtube channel this month...hopefully.  I plan on releasing a video for my Youtube channel once every month.  

 I am very happy with this image.  I think I have improved over the years.  To think I only have four images left to do, amazes me.  I keep missing details on Amenti's (the mermaid) arms.  Thankfully, unlike the last piece, I got this mistake in the rough draft process.