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Saturday, August 9, 2014

08/09/2014 Pic So Far

Back to working on this project.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Next Scenery

Open field and fish and dolphin sprite

This is the next scenery image that I am working on.  Very bare at the moment.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Game Development Ideas From Evo

It is always a recommended idea that game developers should play a variety of games.  I happen to have been playing fighting games since I was 8.  It has been two days since I got back from the popular fighting game competition, EVO.  I did pretty well for my first time and I have posted my pictures on my let's play Facebook page.

Panels and Advertisement

There was an indie game panel in which game developers talked about what they go through as a team or an individual.  I actually have two beta readers, and one of them knows how to work with ren'py.  Most of the time, I am working alone with my visual novel.  Hearing that one of the individual game developer was living on a low budget was a nice idea on how low of income a lot of developers make.  I am not into having one source of income and probably never will.

New York State University

Recently, I have been regretting my decision to go to ECPI University.  Seeing three examples from students who went to New York State University made me even more regretful.  The promoter told me that his students make games with in the first few days of his class.  Some of these games were going on Steam which would probably help the students pay for their school tuition or have extra spending money.  I would like to look into New York State University someday.

There was a Skullgirls and Rise of Incarnations panel.  Both panels advertised their games, like the above picture, and had a lady or guy to explain the game.   I would like to start with anime conventions' artist alleies in the future and start my way up.

There's more images from EVO on my Dark Siren Games facebook.
When I arrived home, I found that my luggage was soaked all the way through, since we had to endure some heavy rain.  I would not just put this incident on Southwest Airlines as I'm sure this has happened over other airlines.  The next time I fly out I will buy an aluminum suitcase to avoid stuff like my sketchbook or artwork, I am planing to sell, from getting soaking wet.

Progress so Far 

I have made the decision to join   I am currently figuring out how to navigate around the site, (I don't see a login or logout button) but I assume that I am logged in.  Knowing the attitude toward anime there, I am only uploading anatomy sketches.  All my stylized drawings and visual novel work will be on my tumblr or deviantart account.

Doing the background images is becoming easier to me.  I don't see the background images taking too long now.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Second Background Image is Done

It took a while sadly but I'm done with my second background image.  I learned that pressing alt while clicking with the mouse, will automatically pick a color.  The second thing I learned was that I can't merge multiple overlay files together.  I had to put these files into a group and then convert the group into a smart object.   

I'll be going out of town in a few days for EVO Championship Series.  Aside from competing in the fighting game: Injustice Gods Among Us, I'll be wondering around and sitting in the panel rooms.  Hopefully there are game development related panels this year.  With a six to eight hour plane ride to Las Vegas, I have enough time to write or draw some ideas.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Update 6/25/2014

This is the most recent progress drawing:

I'm getting back to my project. I'm amazed at the progress I did with a full time job.

Rpg Maker VX Ace
RPG Maker VX Ace was on sale for two days on steam. Rpg Maker Vx Ace is a game engine used to make traditional JRPG's.  Like Ren'py there are a ton of free tutorials online.

I'll mess around with this program after Trapped is done. I would like to mess around with Adobe Flash and Rpg Maker Vx Ace in the future. One game made with Rpg Maker VX is Always Sometimes Monsters.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Second Image Progress and Practicing Shapes

So far, this is my progress on the second image for Trapped.  


I think I am getting somewhere with shading.  I'm also trying to figure out how to do texturing.  I'm sure such knowledge will come to me in time and the more that I practice.

Today I learned how to draw basic shapes.  Since I have been working in Photoshop for a while, I have not drawn doodles on paper for a long time now.   Thanks to the below video, I learned how to draw from the basic shapes.  Now I see shapes in things that I want to draw.  Scyra also has more helpful videos of those that like drawing.

Friday, May 16, 2014

On to the Second Image

This weekend I did a lot of work on my second background image for Trapped.  

I decided not to put much effort into the bottom of the background images like I did with the previous image.  What I like the most about doing these background images is that I'm forced to draw things I thought I would never have to draw in my life.  One of those things is scenery.  The next step is for me to start adding more detail and texture.  

Keep giving me feedback for the first image.  I'm using what was said in that post and applying it to this picture.  
Ashes BXB Development Progress
I did some concept art of the main character and explained this story to a few people face to face. So far, people are liking my ideas.  I just hope I can execute my ideas well.