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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Changing the Name for Trapped

Hello guys!

As it has been brought to my attention that the tittle Trapped has been taken.  I have been thinking of a new name for  my visual novel right now.  I'm thinking of Fish Tank and Caught!  Anything to deal with a mermaid being stuck in a tank for long periods of time. 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Last Background Image is Done!

I think I am improving each time I get to use Photoshop.  This is the last background image for Trapped.  I will now be working on special character scenes.  I have six of them to do in total. 
Since making this game, I have learned more about Photoshop, anatomy drawing, and writing better.  There is going to be a lot of mismatched artwork.  

Of course there is a possibility that I could be adding in more background images or redoing or touching up on old images.  I will do this after drawing and finishing the special scenes.  

I need to redo the story as what is written in the ren'py engine is a rough draft. is collecting all the tracks from both of my wonderful music artists.  One of their websites is here  Both artists have volunteered to help me with the music.  I am happy to finally have people to count on.

Lastly, I need to find another tittle for Trapped as the name was already taken by another visual novelist.

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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Some More Additions (music)

Hello guys.  I am currently working on finishing the rest of the artwork for Trapped.  Music has always been an issue for me.  On the video where I experimenting with ren'py for the first time, I forgot to add music.  

This post is not about me asking for someone to do some music for me.  I already have two people willing to do music for me as of the beginning of November.  It really helps to have images available to show these musical artists so they can get a good idea of the story.  I'm no longer the only one working on this visual novel.  This is such a good feeling for me right now.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

National Novel Writing Month

November is almost over.  On the first day of November was the start of National Novel Writing Month. National Novel Writing Month is when a person sits down and writes 50,000 words in one month.  If using Ariel font and 12 sized font, then that is roughly 118 pages.  This is a rewarding challenge that I have managed to take on in 2013 and finish.  
This year, I want to make the story I'm currently writing into my next visual novel.  The visual novel will be BxB but, for right now, I am working on the main story and not the romantic choices eyt.  Here is a summary that is a work in process:  
"Rey was rescued from a car filled with water, when he was twelve. His mother was never found. The experience left him desiring to find his mother who he knows survived the incident. She told him that he must find the seashell and kill his humanity if he wishes to become whole. Anyone has been told this on the island, have become murderous monsters upon their eighteenth year."
You can follow my Indie Author Tiffany  website in order to see my progress.  

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Learning From Anime Conventions (Nekocon 2014)

Nekocon 2014
FullSizeRender (18)
Last Friday was Nekocon 2014.  Like any anime convention, I had the chance to speak with people who are into the same anime and video games that I like.  The panels this year were what I needed to feel inspired and ready to continue working on Trapped, National Novel Writing Month, and my anatomy drawing practice.

 In an ironic sort of way, I visited a panel in which the panelist showed us how he made video game music and the music rules that applied to modern and old video games.  On the same day, I was contacting with a man who emailed me, saying he is interested in making music for Trapped (more on that in later posts).  The Making a Strong Female Character; More than Just a Sword panel, there was a lot of talk on making MENTALLY strong female characters.

There was some good ideas.  I always think of the character's personalities, flaws, motivation, perks before thinking about their gender.  From the panelists suggestions, even battle girl in bikini armor number 123,454,564 could be an interesting character with good writing.  It was also nice to hear that one of the panelists was adding some fanservice for females after having just fanservice for males in his work for a long time.
One thing that really stuck with me on that panel was the concept of fridging and how bad it is.  The idea makes me shudder.
Artist Alley
FullSizeRender (52)FullSizeRender (53)
At the artist alley, I wanted to see some work that would get me inspired to pick up my tablet pen again.  In the above picture, the artist's work drew my attention rather easily.  We spoke for a bit and she told me how long she was working on her anatomy skills and how she goes about attracting people to her art table.   I would like to sell artwork in the future at conventions but, for this year, I will work on putting some of my work for auction at the next Nekocon.
Yaoi, Yaoi, and More Yaoi
There was the History of Yaoi and Yaoi Cliches panel.  I always like going to the yaoi panels, as I get to hear different opinions on yaoi from people who love yaoi.  My boyfriend, being that amazing boyfriend that he is, often accompanies me to these panels.  At the History of Yaoi the panelist explained that game developers have used yaoi to their advantage in attracting people to play their games (example is Chris and Wesker from Resident Evil, Jin and Ragna from Blazblue, etc).

I spoke with the panelist for Yaoi Cliches and she told me to find ideas for yaoi through Tumblr.  Considering the stuff she showed during her presentation (from Tumblr) and my boyfriend's horrified face (he saw more than stuff than he could handle this time), I'll have to be brave while searching Tumblr's dark places for ideas. The best part about the panel was learning what men could and could not take during intimate times.

Till next time for Nekocon.

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Almost Done with Background Images

I just completed another background image today.  This scene as a broken glass version.  Next is the last background image!